Fredericksburg carpet cleaning servicesWhen your carpets need cleaning in Fredericksburg, it is always the best idea to call in the professionals. Apart from any other considerations, cleaning carpets is physically very hard work, so you might not want to attempt it yourself for that reason alone.

However, there are many other reasons to get Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg VA to do the job for you. Cleaning carpets is a skill that has to be learned, like anything else, and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you could finish up making a very expensive mistake. We have been cleaning carpets in Fredericksburg for years, and we take great trouble to keep up with all the latest developments in the trade.

We know which products to use for certain types of carpet and how to apply them. For example, the dyes used in some carpets, such as oriental rugs, are vegetable dyes; if you use the wrong products or the wrong type of treatment, you can very easily cause the colors to fade.

You may never have stopped to think about it, but the cost of the carpets in your home adds up to many thousands of dollars, so they are worth looking after properly.

Carpet Cleaning Services FredericksburgOn that note, we are often asked how frequently carpets should be cleaned. To some extent, it depends on how much traffic they receive. Carpets in places like stairways and halls will receive heavier footfall than those in, say, a bedroom. Carpet in a busy office will have people walking all over it constantly. However, as a general, rule carpets should be cleaned no less frequently than every 18 months, and in most cases long before they begin to look dirty. In areas of heavy footfall, every 12 months is recommended.

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is your health. When you come in off the street, or from your yard, you bring dirt and dust with you on your shoes. If you have a doormat which you take outside and shake every so often, you will know just how much dirt and grit you bring in with you! Even if a doormat is used correctly, it will not trap all the dirt, and this continues with you on to your carpet.

It now gets into the pile, and gets trodden in every time someone walks over it. Dust mites also live in your carpet, and they carry allergens with them, as does the dirt you bring indoors with you. If you have pets, they will also shed hair, and may, in addition, bring in fleas. The allergens and germs will get into the air in your home, which means that you breathe them in. This is dangerous for people with asthma, or other breathing difficulties, and can be the onset of breathing problems in people who are otherwise healthy.

Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg VAAnother very good reason for regular carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg is simply wear and tear on your carpet. All that grit has sharp edges, and you are compressing it into the pile where it can cut and tear. A fairly shocking statistic is that the average grain of sand, for instance, has around two dozen sharp edges on it! This will cut into the fibers, causing your carpet to wear out far sooner than one that is cleaned regularly, so from the point of sheer economics, regular Fredericksburg carpet cleaning makes good sense.

Another valid point is that a dirty carpet dulls over time. This happens slowly, and you may not notice it. However, when you have it cleaned properly you will get back that “just laid” look that it had when new.

Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg VA undertakes professional cleaning of all types of carpet, both residential and commercial. If you need carpet cleaning in an office or business environment – for instance a showroom or retail store, or a bar – you will obviously not want us to clean your carpets during working hours. We will arrange to come in and clean them at a time that suits your business after hours.

Carpet Cleaning FredericksburgHealthcare premises will also need regular carpet cleaning, since they are in an environment where germs are far more likely to be brought in. Regular cleaning is essential for the health of both staff and patients.

If you suffer from spills or stains on the carpet, it is best to call us in straight away. Left to dry, and being walked upon may cause some stains to be very difficult to remove later on. Naturally, we do carry out stain and spot removal, and the good news is that it is usually 100% successful. However, if we cannot guarantee to remove a stain, we will tell you.

For the most effective carpet cleaning method, Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg VA uses a truck-mounted cleaning system, which is more powerful than many carpet cleaning machines, in order to clean your carpets with 100% efficiency. We pre-condition your carpets before cleaning them. We can also sanitize and deodorize your carpets if required.

We also undertake the restoration of carpet damaged by water or flooding. In this case, it is necessary to remove the carpet and take it back to our premises, as very careful drying is required in order to ensure that it does not shrink, and is fully dry before doing any further work on it.

Carpet Cleaners Fredericksburg VAOnce it is dry, we will clean and restore it to as near original condition as possible, and then return it to your home or business premises and re-lay it.

Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg VA does not only clean carpets. We clean and restore all types of upholstery, including leather. It may be something that most people don’t think about, but it is a fact that dust mites live in your upholstery as well as your carpet.

Human beings shed many skin cells every day, and dust mites feed on these. We provide them with a constant food source, so they keep on eating and multiplying, and – being living creatures – they defecate on your upholstery as well. That does sound bad, but it’s a fact.

In addition, dirt and soils get into the fabric of your upholstery and can cause wearing and tears, and on occasion, even holes. Of course, soils look unsightly, particularly on light colored fabrics. When your upholstery is deep cleaned, it will remove all the soil and dust mites, giving you a pleasant and fresh-smelling environment in which to relax once more.

Having your carpet and upholstery cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg VA makes sound economic sense, as it will prolong their life. Your home or business will keep clean and fresh-looking, and you enjoy a healthy environment in addition.

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