Carpet Cleaners FredericksburgWe all love our pets, but sometimes those pets decide to be little jerks. We have seen it all, from dealing with cat pee on the carpet to that toilet training puppy that you are trying to get into the habit of letting outside, the damage that a pet can do on a carpet is immense. That is why the team at Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning has quickly become known as one of the top carpet cleaning companies in the state, and our expertise of dealing with pet-related damage is unmatched in Fredericksburg, VA or beyond. So how do we do it?

It all starts with a quick vacuum and an inspection to see the damaged areas of the carpet. Our all-natural cleaning products will allow us to clean to the bottom of the carpet, and no matter if you are simply looking for spot treatments or the full carpet, we are the team that will deliver. After our shampooing, we work the contaminants out of the carpet and leave you with a fresh carpet and one that is even hair free!

Call our team today, and see why so many have trusted the great people at Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning for all of their carpet pet treatment needs. From dealing with puppies to something a little furrier like a rabbit, the team at Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning has seen it all! Give us a call 540-701-7179, and see what kind of magic we can work on your carpet to not only clean the carpet but help prevent future issues!